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Hartzell Propeller
101298 (hybrid), 102870( ), 103409( ) (hybrid), 103585( ) (hybrid), 103629( ) (hybrid), 104529, 104888-( ) (hybrid), 105085( ), 105127( ), 105656( ) (hybrid), 105675 (hybrid), 105945( ) (hybrid), 106040( ) (hybrid), 106215( ) (hybrid), 106311( ), 106574( ) (hybrid), 106848( ) (hybrid), 106871( ) (hybrid), 106957( ), D-5311-( ), D-5362, D-7409-( ), E-5579-6, E-7480
Hartzell Propeller
106188( ) (hybrid)
Hartzell Propeller
3A1-TP, 3C1, 5D3-N338, BHC-92WF-1, BHC-92WF-3, BHC-92WF-5, BHC-92WF-8, BHC-92ZF-1, BHC-92ZF-3, BHC-92ZF-8, BHC-A2MV20-1, BHC-A2MV20-2, BHC-A2MV20-3, BHC-A2MV20-4, BHC-A2MV20-5, BHC-A2MVF-1, BHC-A2MVF-2, BHC-A2MVF-3, BHC-A2V20-1, BHC-A2V20-2, BHC-A2V20-3, BHC-A2V20-4, BHC-A2V20-5, BHC-A2VF-1, BHC-A2VF-2, BHC-A2VF-3, BHC-A2VK-1, BHC-A2VL-1, BHC-A2VL-6, BHC-A2XF-1, BHC-A2XF-3, BHC-A2XF-G, BHC-B3WF-2, BHC-C2YF-1, BHC-C2YF-2, BHC-C2YF-4, BHC-G2YF-1, BHC-I2YF-1, BHC-I2YF-2, BHC-I2YF-4, BHC-J2YF-1, BHC-J2YF-2, BHC-L2YF-1, BHC-L2YF-2, BHC-L2YF-4, CHC-C2YF-1, CHC-C2YF-2, CHC-C2YF-4, CHC-C2YK-1, CHC-C2YK-2, CHC-C2YK-4, CHC-C2YR-1, CHC-C2YR-2, CHC-C2YR-4, DHC-C2YF-1, DHC-C2YF-2, DHC-C2YF-4, DHC-E2YF-2, EHC-A3MVF-2, EHC-A3MVF-3, EHC-A3MVF-4, EHC-A3MVF-5, EHC-A3MVF-7, EHC-A3VF-2, EHC-A3VF-3, EHC-A3VF-4, EHC-A3VF-5, EHC-A3VF-7, EHC-C3YF-1, EHC-C3YF-2, EHC-G3YF-1, EHC-G3YF-2, EHC-L3YF-1, HA-12U0-1, HA-12U0-2, HA-12UF-1, HA-12UF-3, HA-A2MV20-1, HA-A2V20-1, HA-A2XF-1, HA-A2XF-2, HA-A2XF-G, HA-B3P30-1, HA-B3Z30-1, HC-102YF-1, HC-12V20-3, HC-12V20-7, HC-12V20-8, HC-12X20-1, HC-12X20-2, HC-12X20-3, HC-12X20-4, HC-12X20-5, HC-12X20-6, HC-12X20-7, HC-12X20-8, HC-12X20-9, HC-13X20-5, HC-13X20-6, HC-13X20-8, HC-42XF-2, HC-52X20-1, HC-82VF-1, HC-82VF-2, HC-82VK-1, HC-82VK-2, HC-82VL-2, HC-82X20-1, HC-82X20-2, HC-82X20-3, HC-82X20-5, HC-82XF-1, HC-82XF-2, HC-82XF-3, HC-82XF-6, HC-82XG-1, HC-82XG-2, HC-82XG-6, HC-82XK-1, HC-82XK-2, HC-82XK-3, HC-82XL-1, HC-82XL-2, HC-82XL-6, HC-82XS-2, HC-83V20-1, HC-83V20-2, HC-83VF-2, HC-83VF-3, HC-83X20-1, HC-83X20-2, HC-83XF-1, HC-83XF-2, HC-83XF-3, HC-83XK-1, HC-83XK-2, HC-92WF-3, HC-92WF-5, HC-92WF-8, HC-92WK-1, HC-92WK-2, HC-92WK-5, HC-92WK-8, HC-92ZF-1, HC-92ZF-2, HC-92ZF-6, HC-92ZK-1, HC-92ZK-2, HC-92ZK-6, HC-92ZK-8, HC-92ZL-2, HC-93Z20-1, HC-93Z20-2, HC-93Z30-2, HC-93ZF-2, HC-A2MV20-1, HC-A2MV20-2, HC-A2MV20-3, HC-A2MV20-4, HC-A2MV20-5, HC-A2MVF-1, HC-A2MVF-2, HC-A2MVF-3, HC-A2MVF-6, HC-A2MVK-1, HC-A2MVK-2, HC-A2MVK-3, HC-A2MVL-1, HC-A2MVL-2, HC-A2MVL-6, HC-A2V20-1, HC-A2V20-2, HC-A2V20-3, HC-A2V20-4, HC-A2V20-5, HC-A2VF-1, HC-A2VF-2, HC-A2VF-3, HC-A2VF-6, HC-A2VK-1, HC-A2VK-2, HC-A2VK-3, HC-A2VL-1, HC-A2VL-2, HC-A2VL-6, HC-A2X20-1, HC-A2X20-2, HC-A2X20-4, HC-A2X20-5, HC-A2X20-G, HC-A2XF-1, HC-A2XF-2, HC-A2XF-G, HC-A2XK-1, HC-A2XK-2, HC-A2XK-G, HC-A2XL-1, HC-A2XL-2, HC-A2XL-G, HC-A3MV20-1, HC-A3MV20-2, HC-A3MV20-3, HC-A3MV20-5, HC-A3MV21-2, HC-A3MVF-1, HC-A3MVF-2, HC-A3MVF-3, HC-A3MVF-4, HC-A3MVF-5, HC-A3MVF-7, HC-A3MVK-1, HC-A3MVK-2, HC-A3MVK-4, HC-A3V20-1, HC-A3V20-2, HC-A3V20-3, HC-A3V20-5, HC-A3V21-2, HC-A3VF-1, HC-A3VF-2, HC-A3VF-3, HC-A3VF-4, HC-A3VF-5, HC-A3VF-7, HC-A3VK-1, HC-A3VK-2, HC-A3VK-4, HC-A3X20-1, HC-A3X20-2, HC-A3X20-5, HC-A3X21-2, HC-A3XF-2, HC-A3XF-4, HC-A3XK-2, HC-A3XK-4, HC-A6A-3, HC-B3MN-3, HC-B3P20-4, HC-B3P30-2, HC-B3R20-4, HC-B3R30-1, HC-B3R30-2, HC-B3R30-4, HC-B3TF-7, HC-B3TN-2, HC-B3TN-3, HC-B3TN-4, HC-B3TN-5, HC-B3TN-7, HC-B3TW-3, HC-B3W20-2, HC-B3W20-4, HC-B3W30-2, HC-B3W30-4, HC-B3WF-2, HC-B3WF-4, HC-B3WN-2, HC-B3Z20-1, HC-B3Z20-2, HC-B3Z22-7, HC-B3Z30-2, HC-B3ZF-2, HC-B4MN-5, HC-B4MP-3, HC-B4MP-3A, HC-B4MP-3B, HC-B4MP-3C, HC-B4MP-4, HC-B4TN-3, HC-B4TN-5, HC-B4W40-2, HC-B5MA-2, HC-B5MA-3, HC-B5MA-5, HC-B5MP-3, HC-B5MP-5, HC-C2YF-1, HC-C2YF-2, HC-C2YF-4, HC-C2YK-1, HC-C2YK-2, HC-C2YK-4, HC-C2YL-1, HC-C2YL-2, HC-C2YL-4, HC-C2YR-1, HC-C2YR-2, HC-C2YR-4, HC-C3YF-1, HC-C3YF-2, HC-C3YF-4, HC-C3YF-5, HC-C3YK-1, HC-C3YK-2, HC-C3YN-2, HC-C3YN-4, HC-C3YN-5, HC-C3YR-1, HC-C3YR-2, HC-C3YR-4, HC-C4YF-1, HC-C4YF-2, HC-C4YN-2, HC-C4YR-2, HC-D2MV20-1, HC-D2MV20-2, HC-D2MV20-3, HC-D2MV20-4, HC-D2MV20-5, HC-D2MV20-6, HC-D2MV20-7, HC-D2MV20-8, HC-D2MV20-9, HC-D2V20-1, HC-D2V20-2, HC-D2V20-3, HC-D2V20-4, HC-D2V20-5, HC-D2V20-6, HC-D2V20-7, HC-D2V20-8, HC-D2V20-9, HC-D2X20-3, HC-D2X20-7, HC-D2X20-8, HC-D3F-7, HC-D3MV20-5, HC-D3MV20-6, HC-D3MV20-8, HC-D3V20-5, HC-D3V20-6, HC-D3V20-8, HC-D3X20-6, HC-D4N-2, HC-D4N-3, HC-D4N-3A, HC-D4N-3C, HC-D4N-3E, HC-D4N-3P, HC-D4N-3Q, HC-D4N-5, HC-D4P-5, HC-E2YK-1, HC-E2YK-2, HC-E2YL-1, HC-E2YL-2, HC-E2YR-1, HC-E2YR-2, HC-E2YR-7, HC-E3YR-1, HC-E3YR-2, HC-E3YR-7, HC-E4A-2, HC-E4A-3, HC-E4A-3A, HC-E4A-3D, HC-E4A-3I, HC-E4A-3J, HC-E4N-2, HC-E4N-2B, HC-E4N-3, HC-E4N-3G, HC-E4N-3H, HC-E4N-3N, HC-E4N-3P, HC-E4N-3Q, HC-E4N-5, HC-E4P-5, HC-E4W-3, HC-E4W-5, HC-E5A-2, HC-E5A-3, HC-E5B-5( ), HC-E5N-3, HC-E5P-3( ), HC-E6A-5( ), HC-F2YL-1, HC-F2YL-2, HC-F2YR-1, HC-F2YR-2, HC-F3YK-1, HC-F3YK-2, HC-F3YR-1, HC-F3YR-2, HC-F4YR-1, HC-F4YR-2, HC-G3YF-1, HC-G3YF-2, HC-H3YF-1, HC-H3YF-2, HC-H3YF-3, HC-H3YN-2, HC-H3YN-3, HC-I2YF-1, HC-I2YF-4, HC-I2YR-1, HC-I3Y1R-1, HC-I3YK-2, HC-I3YR-1, HC-I3YR-2, HC-J2YF-1, HC-J3Y1F-1, HC-J3YF-1, HC-J3YF-2, HC-L2YF-2, HC-L2YF-4, HC-M2YR-1, HC-M2YR-2, HC-M3YR-1, HD-E6C-3, PHC-A3MVF-2, PHC-A3MVF-3, PHC-A3MVF-4, PHC-A3MVF-5, PHC-A3MVF-7, PHC-A3VF-2, PHC-A3VF-3, PHC-A3VF-4, PHC-A3VF-5, PHC-A3VF-7, PHC-A3XF-2, PHC-C3YF-1, PHC-C3YF-2, PHC-G3YF-1, PHC-G3YF-2, PHC-H3YF-1, PHC-H3YF-2, PHC-I3YF-1, PHC-I3YF-2, PHC-J3Y1F-1, PHC-J3YF-1, PHC-J3YF-2, PHC-L3Y1F-1, PHC-L3YF-1
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Publications Included

Small Associated SI for ADs
Service Information
Large Associated SI for ADs
Service Information
1152682-23-A22 R1
FAA SAIBs with Model Effectivity
Special A/W Info Bulletin
CE-10-34 R2
Personal Minimum Checklist
FAA Engine Type Certificate Data Sheets
Type Certificates
FAA Propeller Type Certificate Data Sheets
Type Certificates
FAA - Small Aircraft and Rotorcraft
Propeller ADs
FAA - Large Aircraft
Propeller ADs
2013-16-10 C
43-16A Aviation Maintenance Alerts
Advisory Circular
43-16A ALERT 384
Aeronautical Information Manual (AIM)
Information Manual
Genuine Aircraft Hardware
Aircraft Hardware Reference Book
Hartzell Propeller
Legacy Composite, N-shank Composite, Bantam Composite and Raptor Composite
Comp Prop Blade Field Maint and Minor Repair Manual
Composite Spinner Assemblies D-5253,D-5311-( ),D-5362,E-5578-6,D-7409-( ),E-7480
Composite Spinner Field Maintenance and Minor Repair Manual
Hartzell Standard Practices 202A Volume 7 only
Standard Practices Manual
202A Volume 7
All Models
Illustrated Tool and Equipment Manual
Metal Spinner
Maintenance Manual